"Sing ABout Me"


wRAPed is an Independent, NY-based premium brand inspired by rap lyrics and formed at the cross-section of culture, hip-hop, fashion, street sh*t & the internet. The goal is to establish wRAPed as a generation brand that competes in the space of apparel, social, and entertainment. Our Audience is simple... the Lyrically Inclined. A love, lust or even casual relationship with rap lyrics are more than enough to enjoy the poetic and visual interpretations of wRAPed. We have a huge love for ARTIST, HYPE ENTHUSIAST, and CONTENT KINGS.


Music is an essential element of culture. Sharing music from one culture to another gives people an insight into another way of liife. This is even more crucial during times of conflict when other methods of interaction are rendered impractical. For each group, music Is a highway of shared experiences. wRAPed aims to own the space of INNOVATION within a crowded category through products that allow for a tangible impact on consumers. An opportunity exist within apparel to add a unique twist on traditional streetwear. Hip-Hop is filled with modern-day poetry that often creates a global unspoken language between people. There’s an opportunity to use culture-driven lyrics, paired with custom visuals to create a new wave of graphic garments that can shift culture. Our Motto is simple and a blueprint we live by...

“LYRICAL Exercise”

"Hit EM' Up"


Located in NYC, Shipped everywhere.

    "It's the Dream Team, meets the Supreme Team"

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    We're always open to adding to the family. Brother, Sister, Crew Member, or Tour Act. You let us know where you see yourself on the team. (No need to keep it traditional - Be true and be real)

    Send an email directly to connect@wraped.shop


    A “Lyrical Exercise” in RAP apparel.